Clinical Thermography is becoming more well-known in our society. By means of high-quality infrared camera images,  temperature values of both current problem situations or early detection of potential problem situations can be signalled.

Our Vision                 

Clinical Thermography make not only physical biological processes clear, but also the specific treatment of the patient by the custom therapy and strategy to be followed. This study can also serve as an additional factor where collegial experience is built up further what is in the interest of both the patient and his doctor/therapist, and in particular the field of health care in general.

Our Mission

Through our clinical thermography expertise we are able to photograph different biological processes and connect the ISCT report to the ViewonHealth medical specialist platform, primarily focused to advice the client appropriate with early intervention diagnostics or therapy for the benefit clients economic and health importance and healthcare in general. 

Exchange between experts

We work together with the ISCT who take care for the interpretation and is committed to research data and  to inform the whole organization ,client,  doctor and therapist in the field. 

View on Health is an initiative from   Agnes Janssen


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Medical thermography is not intended as research on risk to cancer!

Medical thermography is meant to:

  • to note safe signals in the body that may can lead to diseases
  • to support the client, physician or therapist in advising and controlling therapy
  • to advise follow-up research to come to a diagnosis 

We accept no liability for direct or indirect damage which results from the use of, reliance on, or acts as a result of the information provides on this website.