Clinical Thermography is not intended as research on risk to cancer!

Clinical Thermography is meant to:

  • to note safe signals in the body that may can lead to diseases
  • to support the client, physician or therapist in advising and controlling therapy
  • to advise follow-up research for clinical diagnosis 


Clinical Thermography Breast health check

  • Painful hypersensitive breast
  • Big breast or no breast at all
  • Breast with implants
  • Women with familial breast health tax
  • During or after chemo
  • During therapy
  • Women who are not eligible fora mammogram, younger than 45 years

Clinical Thermography Prostate health check

  • Men with urinary tract problems

Condition and health Top sport research

  • Preventive research "entire" body, overall health evaluation exam
  • Evaluation of pain, fractures and sports injury
  • Monitoring recovery and progression therapy

Pain research 

  • Body region on complex pain syndrome and or vasomotor instability
  • Evaluation sympathetic reflex steered dystrophy procedure
  • Determine appropriateness therapeutic intervention
  • Planning surgical procedure in relation of nerves and spinal cord
  • Evaluation spread of pathogenic autonomous dysfunction, neuropathy, tendinopathy

"Second Opinion" Research

  • Confirmation criteria clinical diagnostic purposes
  • Confirmation criteria investigation purposes
  • Documentation for medical research expertise purposes

Medical thermography is a sure and secure risk-inventory search for all ages, based on individual biology. 

  • Camera is medically recognized as "first class medical device"
  • Certified thermographic technician provides thermographic research in consultation with doctors
  • Medical thermographic research by Dutch doctor 
  • The doctor gives a direct advice to client and refers (when necessary) with regular follow-up diagnostic research
  • The thermographic report is offered to attending doctor, therapist or medical clinic
  • The attending doctor / therapist discusses and offers possibilities in therapy, strategic plan and necessary expertise
  • "View on Health" offers a thermography Inter Vision platform doctors therapist


Dr Nick LeRoy Breast Thermography