The IACT Guide lines

The information that follows is compiled under the guidelines of the IACT (International Academy Certified Thermographers) to the highest possible standard clinical thermography. The preparation is very important and is also clients responsibility, to compare and research the thermographic scans.
We are offering the following Health thermography scans
  • Baseline:  first-ever 0-point health measurement
    • 1 Scan  "Whole body: Pain Scan"  or "Body region Breast Scan" or "Prostate"
    • 2 Scan: "Body region Breast Scan" or "Prostate"
  • ‚ÄčRepeated scan "Whole body Pain Scan" or "Body region Breast Scan" or "Prostate"
  • Monitoring therapy
IACT guidelines medical thermography brings personal health all-round in to picture and is an added risk inventory tool! That is to say that this research directly redirects to relevant diagnostic follow-up research and medical expertise.

The Thermography study can be requested: 

  • 12 weeks after surgery, having a lumpectomy or surgical biopsy 
  • 4 weeks after fine needle biopsy, radiation or chemo


Preparation Thermographic 

  • Welcome letter with preparation orders thermographic study
  • Thermographic research questionnaire Breast, Prostate or Pain
  • Informed Consent 

All forms have to be filled in, signed and taken to the examination.  

Preparation Thermographic examination 1 week before 

  • chest hair removal with a cream
  • no intensive exposure to the sun, watch for burning!

The Day before

  • no therapy like acupuncture, massage, chiropractic therapy, Tens, APS, electric muscle stimulation, ultra sound or hot  cold wraps.


The Day of research:

  •  No use of deodorants, oil, lotions, creams, powders, or makeup the day of the exam.
  • no hot bath or shower, possibly is showering lukewarm
  • No BRA, thigh belt, pants, skirt and or jewellery
  • no sport, therapy or strong exercise prior to investigation
  • 1 hour no hot or very cold drinks, do not smoke because this all may change the blood flow
  • 1 hour If you are nursing please try to nurse as far from 1 hour prior to the exam as possible.

The medical centre offering thermographic research, checks the appointment and ask if all the preparations are going well?
Checks whether there is no sunburn or an allergic reaction; Yes? and postpone the appointment. 
Ask the Informed Consent to sign for the thermographic research: Pain, Breast of Prostate.
These forms are an important part of the research. Without this, the research cannot be performed!

You will be escorted to a private room and asked to take off all the metals, piercings and rings. If itis not already done, all the hair and do this in to a hairnet, and to undress the body to cool down. (A string can be on during te examination)

During the 15 minute cool=down period a questionnaire is taken place and visual inspection of the body's region.

Thermographic image recordings are performed under equivalent parameters. A Thermographic examination consists of a captured image sequence, that evaluate the research of the breast with armpits from multiple angles. 
The buttocks are photographed with the aim of exposing the lower back fully. The groins are photographed with the goal to see as much as possible to investigate the lymph. All photos are taken standing. 


The format for reporting should include as a minimum the following information:

  1. Imaging facility address and phone number
  2. Client name and age
  3. Date of examination
  4. Clinical data
  5. Symptomatology
  6. Relevant thermographic findings
  7. Impression
  8. Recommendations (if appropriate)
  9. Signature of qualified interpreter