Our vision                                                    

Scientific Thermographic research make not only physical biological processes clear, but also the specific treatment of the patient by the custom therapy and strategy to be followed. This study can also serve as an additional factor were the collegiale experience is built up further. What in the interest of both the patient and his doctor/therapist, and in particular the field of health care in general.

Our mission

Through our clinical thermography expertise we are able to photograph different biological processes and connect the ISCT report to the ViewonHealth medical specialist platform, primarily focused to advice the client appropriate with early intervention diagnostics or therapy for the benefit clients economic and health importance and healthcare in general. 



Eindhoven  Thalamo Kliniek voor innovatieve & preventieve geneeskunde

                   Dhr. Michael van Gils
                   Dhr. Ashwyn Schotborg: orthomoleculair arts 
                   Kastelenplein 168a, 5653 LX Eindhoven    tel: 040 7117333
 www.thalamo.nl                                          info@thalamo.nl