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Clinical thermography is increasingly being applied as preventive research. It is measuring temperature values by high-quality infrared images. They give insights on current health problem situations, as well as possible symptoms that can develop in the future. 


What is clinical thermography? 

Medical thermography means that an infrared camera system measures the radiated body heat. This heat is captured on a digital temperature map. Because of this card it is possible to see heat sources and pain areas, such as inflammation, swelling and blockages. During the investigation the body may not be touched. A clinical thermography scan is 100% safe and can also be performed for mother and child. 


Research with clinical thermography makes not only a physical insight into biological processes, but also in specific treatment and strategy for therapy. That is also the reason why Thermography is primary for preventive research applied.


How does the Thermographic research work?

The very first thermography research is called the Baseline. This is a temperature recording of the whole body which serves as reference point. The second study can only take place at the earliest after 90 days. That is the time that cells need to double. The first research report give sufficient understanding to recognize body's own biology and therapy. For some this will be a change in diet and for other's specific expertise and follow-up research. 

The second part of the baseline takes place after 90 days. This makes it possible to compare the temperature values with those of the first- ever research, but also to see what effect the whole therapy has had on body own biology. The whole survey is conducted under the guidelines of the International Academy Certified Thermography (IACT) by a female certified thermographer. The interpreting doctor brings a personal telephone call about the research results. The research report is provided via the treating doctor or therapist, where you can discuss the report about therapy plan and strategy. 

The thermography images are provided for interpretation to the linked arts of the International Society for Clinical Thermography: ISCT Dr. Schotborg. He explains the biological reaction and brings primarily focused to the client advise and early intervention therapy who can be applied appropriately. The report is offered to the referring doctor for therapy strategy. 

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